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On Monday, I had my visit with the breast surgeon. She decided that it would be best to try to aspirate fluid from the cysts and maybe take some tissue for biopsy. I have been loathe to write about any of it because I have family that will read this and start freaking out and screaming and gnashing teeth and I'd have to be all "calm the fuck down people!". So I've been sitting here with this secret worry all week waiting until I had answers before saying anything. Having a needle and something about the size of an ice pick that sucks out a "core sample" shoved into your boob is pretty fucking scary. I wasn't too worried because I'm really healthy (perfect vital signs) and there's no history of breast cancer in my family. Tissue samples more often than not come back normal and the odds are in my favor. This was confirmed Wednesday, when the doctor called to tell me everything came back "normal" and I was just fine. I felt everyone release that breath they'd been holding for the last three days. The down side is that this type of procedure is not without pain. I'm pretty dang sore. There's been no yoga, no running all week. I walked Wednesday on the treadmill and made it about 15 minutes before my left side started to throb. I pushed through because I felt like I needed to move, but it left me achy for the rest of the day. But each day I get up a little easier, so I know it's healing. I am thankful today for my health. I am thankful for cysts just being cysts. I am thankful that everyday, I hurt a little less and that I'll be pretty close to normal by next week. Every evening I've felt a little guilty for just being still on the couch, but then I'll do something as simple as sneeze and I am reminded of why I need to be still on the couch ( hurts to sneeze...or laugh). I am thankful of these reminders to slow down and to have patience with myself.

Other things to be thankful for? I finally got around to ordering seeds and last week I turned the soil in the raised beds. With each shovel of dirt turned, I saw at least two handfuls of worms. I'm ready to put those seeds into the ground. I am thankful the weather has finally turned into a direction where I can do that. I am thankful for a weekend that will be a blend of chores and fun. I am thankful for the haircut I have scheduled on Saturday because I'm this close to taking scissors to my own hair (we all know that's a bad idea). And You know what? I am particularly thankful for all of you guys today. Here's to an excellent weekend and a perfect Thankful Friday!

*P.S. Don't forget! I have two weeks left to raise money for the AIDS Walk KCMO. Any thing you give is SOOOOOO appreciated, you have no idea.