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That Saturday before our last snow storm, I was driving over to Whole Foods, taking my usual short-cut through one of the neighborhoods. I saw a woman running, which isn't an odd sight in this town. You can throw a rock and hit a runner. One time I saw a woman running when it was minus eight degrees outside. Any way, this particular runner wasn't all that special. She wasn't super skinny or fit. She was just an average woman running and for the first time ever in my life I thought "maybe I wouldn't hate it". With that thought festering in my brain, I found myself at Gary Gribble's Running Sports looking at running shoes. Turns out you don't buy a running shoe because you like the colors. You buy a running shoe that is going to help you run and the people at Gary Gribble's know how to find that shoe for you. I tried on multiples of shoes before deciding on a pair of bright orange Mizunos. I ran around the store's little track in them and was completely surprised by the joy that bubbled up in me as I jogged around.

So, Monday, I started the Couch to 5K program. I've done two days of the week one program and I have to say that I don't hate it. I'm also thinking I could have skipped ahead to week two, because week one's program seems a little easy. I noticed while doing today's program, I was actually smiling during my 60 second runs. What is up with that?!? I mean, sure, the last time I tried to run I was twenty pounds heavier and wearing gym shoes from Target. For years I thought I wouldn't even run if something was chasing me. I suppose the difference between now and then is that now I want to run as opposed to just having the ability to run.

As I started today's five minute cool down, the live version of the Flamin Lips' "In the Morning of Magicians" started playing and just as I finished the routine and stopped the treadmill, the song ended with people applauding. It was like they were applauding me. And it felt good.