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Years ago, when the original version of this blog got eaten by a server, I knew that I wanted something different for this space. I knew I wanted something better. I wanted to use this space to help pull myself out of the muck and turn it into sort of a temple to all the good things. I don't mean to sugarcoat my life or life in general. Bad shit happens every day. Some days are worse than others. But maybe, just maybe, there was one simple little part of that day that made you smile. One day at work the topic of my 365 days of happiness came up. Someone said "Be happy every day?!? That's ridiculous." And it is ridiculous to think that we can be happy every day, bu he missed the point of the project. Many days I have to force myself to really look around me to just find that one thing, that one reminder that the whole day was not total shit. I wanted this space to be a celebration of these things. Rebuilding this blog to reflect the good things in my life planted a seed. Actually, it planted many seeds. Instead of just growing one flower, I feel like I've grown a whole yard of flowers. I now have an easier time spotting the good things around me. It is one of the reasons I can look back on my times with Chris with so much joy. It is a place that I can come to on my dark days and be reminded of the sunshine. But I never in a million years envisioned that the things written here would filter out to touch others. It never dawned on me that I could do some really amazing things with this space. Twice, I've asked for help funding a project through Donors Choose here at this site and both times you have helped to fund them. I asked for donations for the AIDS Walk KCMO, and once again you guys stepped up. I more than doubled my original goal amount. All I did was ask.

So today, I honor you and this space for Love Thursday. I love what this blog has become and I love that it has helped bring us all together to do some pretty great things. But more than anything, I love you guys for being so willing and so generous.

Happy Love Thursday!