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Last Friday, Jeff came over to move some heavy things out of my basement in preparation for my garage sale. Moving things was his job in college. He's really good at it. I paid him with a beer and while he was drinking it, I picked up this horseshoe and said "hey! See this?". I then told him the story of how I got that horseshoe. Chris and I had just made the tentative deal to buy our house. It was summer time and we had gone down to First Friday to find the snow cone lady. After we roamed the streets and fought the crowds looking for and not finding the snow cone truck, we wandered into Hammerpress. We both saw the horseshoe at the same time and then said in unison "we should get that for the house!". So we bought a horseshoe. Chris took this picture for me for my 365 day project.

102/365 Lucky

At the time, we hadn't told anyone yet about the house. It was still our tiny little seashell of a secret for the two of us. We had plans to hang it over the door after we painted the living room, but the horseshoe got put into a drawer, set aside and forgotten. I came across it when I was cleaning out that dresser a few weeks ago.

After I told Jeff the story, he hung that horseshoe for me. I waited until after he left before I started crying.

Happy Love Thursday.

*P.S. I am still (yes, still) collecting funds for the AIDS Walk KCMO. It's not too late to donate!