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Cindy Maddera


I know I've been quiet this week. Mostly its because I have nothing new to tell you. I am currently on hold. While I've been on hold this week, Spring has coming roaring into town. I say roaring because our evenings have been loud with thunder and the sound of heavy rain. We wake up to everything dripping. The petals from the tulip trees are scattered all over the sidewalks. Tree pollen and seeds litter the streets. Then there are the gentler signs of Spring like the tiny blooms of the rosebud trees and the snow white blossoms of the Bradford pear trees. My favorite are the tulips. I saw the green beginnings of them weeks ago and then we had another snow storm. I figured that this wrecked them and we wouldn't see tulips this year. But they're here, popped up and open over night. They're a little droopy from the rain and hail, but the colors are just as bright and vibrant.


There's an old yoga saying that we both fear and crave change. I've noticed how this saying doesn't just apply to everyday life, but to the seasons as well. I think all of us have been craving the change into Spring, craving this change without fear.

Happy Love Thursday

*P.S. I'm still raising money for the AIDS Walk KCMO.