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Maybe it was the cold. Maybe it was the gunshots heard in the neighborhood the night before. Maybe it was that I only thought I'd posted that ad on Craigslist. Who knows? But Amy and I got up at 6 AM, set everything out and was ready for business by 7:30 AM excited and anticipating our first customer only to be left with the sound of crickets. Nothing. Not a soul. We sat outside and tied tassels to bookmarks for Amy's wedding with numb fingers. We moved inside to be warm and took turns keeping watch as the clock ticked by. I went back outside and took pictures of the two bikes I had for sale, made a new Craigslist ad for these with pictures and that's when I realized that the garage sale ad never posted. Within five minutes of posting the ad for the bikes I had three emails from people wanting one of the bikes. One woman showed up and bought a cake pan and a Hotwheel. Amy got a $1.16 for that. Half an hour after posting the bike ad, a man showed up and bought Chris's bike. The next guy that showed up was really interested in Chris's bike and extremely disappointed that it had sold. He did however walk away with a baggy of beads (only after confirming that they were glass), a pair of gloves and a mirror all for $1. By that point we didn't really care that he'd gotten $3 worth of stuff for only a dollar. At that we called it quits and packed it all up. I've made arrangements for Salvation Army to come and get it all. And I will never do another garage sale again.

Our sale may have been an utter failure, but our weekend together was not. One of the great things about having Amy here was that we got to eat at all of my favorite vegan places. When we weren't eating, we were roaming around vintage clothing shops looking for a bridesmaids dress for me to wear in Amy's wedding. We found the perfect dress for a whopping $18. We spent the evening watching mindless TV and making paper flowers. That night I dreamed that I was wearing my bridesmaids dress with white keds and I was dancing. It was a nice dream. I've missed Amy. We talked and laughed and ate and laughed and oh how we laughed. And it doesn't even matter that our garage sale will go down as the worst garage sale in history because we had that time to just be our old selves.


It really was a great weekend.