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Cindy Maddera


I went through this phase in middle school where I had to see all of the scary movies. I watched all of the Jaws movies, all of the Freddie Cruger movies, anything Hitchcock, but I didn't stop at movies. I was also reading Christopher Pike books and just getting into Dean koontz. One of my favorite movies was April Fools Day. I watched that movie over and over again and if you haven't seen it, you may want to skip to the next paragraph. Except this entry may no longer make sense to you and in that case you might as well stop reading because I'm about to spoil the movie for you. The thing that I found fascinating about the movie was that it all turned out to be a prank. There was no murderer plucking off people one by one in an elaborate gruesome way. It was just people pretending to die in an elaborate gruesome way, only to come back at the end and yell "April Fools!" and then everyone laughed. It was just a long way to go for a gag. Chris was really good at coming up with stories and ideas that were all about long ways to go for a gag. He had about a million of them. There's probably a journal somewhere around here full of them. Most of the time he'd just come up with them off the top of his head and start off with "hey, what if...?". This time last year, the idea that Chris was gone forever was still very surreal to me. For some reason I kept expecting him to jump out from behind something and yell "April Fools!" and then I'd punch him in the balls and we'd all have a good laugh. Chris was a really good actor. He could have pulled off a convincing death scene as easily as he pulled off his socks. Dude was crafty. But eventually there comes a day when you realize that he's not going to jump out of the closet and surprise you. It's also the same day you realize which character from Up you turned out to be and you totally didn't see that coming. Maybe that's his gag.

Well, it's not funny. And I still want to punch him in the balls.