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Cindy Maddera


You know how I have a hard time asking for help? Well...I knew that if I wanted my table out of my car and into my house, I was going to have to ask for help. So I did. Just like that. Jeff came over and moved my old table outside and put my new one in it's place. I was pretty sure I'd have to take the top off the old table to get it out, but Jeff just picked that sucker up and plunked it outside. Bloop. Just like that. I don't know who was more impressed, Jeff because I actually asked for help or me because I didn't have to do anything but hold a door open. I am thankful for his help. Also...I love my new table. This week, I've hated all of my clothes. Everything I've put on has made me angry. Thursday's outfit was the worst of them all. My jeans kept falling down and my t-shirt and tank top layer kept riding up. I was tugging my clothes all day and don't even get me started on my underwear (these looked so cute on my butt, but ride up into everything while doing yoga). I am tired of my winter clothes, the heavy shoes and socks. I sat at my new table yesterday morning eating breakfast and looking around at all my things and wondering how much of it I could get rid of. The basement is full of things that have been down there since we moved in three years ago. If it's still down there, I don't need it. I think it's called Spring Fever and I have a serious case of it. Spring is just days away. I heard a song bird this morning singing a song I'd never heard before. I noticed green shoots, the beginnings of tulips, coming up in the flower beds at work the other day. I am thankful for the promise of Spring.

I am thankful for you.

Here's to a wonderful Thankful Friday.