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Cindy Maddera


Today is my Dad's birthday. Today is also my sister's birthday. For as long as I can remember Dad has always introduced Janell as "the surprise" or "MY baby". I've always been "the shock" or "the baby". Dad got Janell for his birthday. That's a pretty awesome surprise (I think). Dad has reached that point in his life where he not quite as sharp as a tack, more like a rusty nail. But he's still chugging along. Last week he called to tell me that he was driving to Seaside OR. He asked me about the snow and told me that my chicken coop has gone on sale at Atwood's. I am worried about him these days, but I am thankful that he's doing so well. Things could be worse. I'm thankful that Dad still has the mindset that he can do anything and that he's always willing to help. He offered to help shovel snow which was sweet and there's no way in a million years I would have let him. We are sending him to see Willie Nelson for his birthday. Janell has mentioned that she is not turning a year older. She has tried to pooh-pooh away the idea of her birthday. Well I say pooh-pooh to that. She is the child at heart, free spirited big sister that she's always been. She's just gained another year of experience. I will never forget the time she took me to Saks at Utica Square to try on outrageous prom dresses. The sales clerks set us up in a dressing room the size of my bedroom and gave us Champaign flutes of Sprite. We had so much fun trying on dresses that cost more than my car. I never would have had the guts to even think of stepping into Saks. Janell taught me to be fearless that day. I am thankful for the reminder she gives me to play and let go.

I am more than grateful for the sunshine. I am humbled by the thank you cards that have been sent to me by hopeful future scientists. They warm my heart. I am thankful for this full week and I'm so ever thankful for you. Here's to a great weekend of melting snow and a very thankful Friday!