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I am currently in the process of figuring out some details on on Donors Choose. My plan is to post a project a month and see what we can do to get that project funded. But guys...this is a cooperative thing. You see a project on that website that you want funded, you need to let me know. Send me the link and I'll feature it as that month's project. This way we can all work together to make more awesome stuff happen. Right off the bat though, I have to say thank you to all of you. It wasn't even lunch time yet and you had the project funded. BOOM and BAM! I was stunned and seriously teary all morning. It just made my heart fill up with so much joy and I just wanted more. I just wanted to do more. Guys, we need to do more! So...give me the weekend to figure some things out. In the meantime, send me project links to choose from. I came home from work Wednesday 99.9% sure I would not be able to get my car up the driveway. It snowed all day that day and the snowplows hadn't made their second pass of my street by the time I left that morning. I just knew I'd be coming home to a mountain of snow blocking the drive. Dreaded it. Grumbled about it. But guess what? My driveway was clear when I got home! No shoveling required. I don't think any of you know just how thankful I was to find a cleared driveway.

So much to be thankful for this Friday. I feel like I've spent the last day and a half talking in all caps and exclamation points. Saturday is the KCMO AIDS Walk Open, a mini golf pub crawl to benefit the KCMO AIDS Walk. I think it's still on and I think I'm on a team (Xander! What time and where do I need to be?!?!). Sunday is brunch with a new gal pal and then we start a whole new week. Hopefully snow free. I'm giddy with all that's coming in March. This is the month that gets the ball rolling into Spring, rolling into all kinds of great and wonderful things.

Here's the grandest of weekends and a truly Thankful Friday!