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Tuesday morning, while checking in on facebook, I noticed that a few profile pics had changed to support the Human Rights Campaign. I thought this was nice, but still unsure about changing mine to match. I don't like to be a crowd follower. But then I started thinking about the people I'm facebook friends with. I changed my profile picture for them. I did it because I wanted them to know that I love them and support them. I wanted them to know that I believe they deserve the same rights as I have. As the day progressed I saw more and more profile pictures change over to the HRC symbol and it kind of made my heart swell. It reminded me of something I thought about while I was watching Makers. One of the women from the early days said, in reference to the current debate on womens reproduction rights, that they would be screaming in the streets. She couldn't understand why that wasn't happening now. At first I thought "Yeah! Why aren't we marching and yelling?!?!", but then I realized we are doing those things. It's just that the venue for protest has changed. Today we make our voices heard through social media and the internet. We have the ability to shut down or support a company with just a 140 characters (remember the whole JCPenny/Ellen ad thing?). And maybe some people will be skeptical that doing something as simple as changing a profile picture actually does anything, but I disagree. It's a simple way of adding your voice and showing that you care.

OK, so maybe changing a profile picture doesn't do much, but it sure made me feel good to find a small way to show my gay friends that I support their right to marry. It also made me feel good to see so many others do the same. The internet is really a great place for spreading love. Happy Love Thursday!

*P.S. I'm still raising money for the AIDS Walk KCMO!