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Fifteen years ago today I married Chris at the Chapel of Love in Las Vegas, NV. The end. No...I'm kidding. I'm just having a hard time finding my words. I remember being so stressed about the details of the trip and finances, that I got sick and lost so much weight my dressed had to be safety pinned to keep it on me. I remember that once we were there and had our marriage license everything went perfectly. I remember that we were happy. Today marks the last of significant days for a while. They all came right after another starting with my birthday, followed by Chris's birthday, then the one year anniversary of his death and finally ending with the day we were married. Is it any wonder why the dreams have been so crazy lately? Apparently, I'd rather be attacked by bears than remember the loss. But there's not a day that goes by where I don't remember all the joy and laughter and love.

This weekend I will celebrate by witnessing the wedding of another young couple. This couple has it more together than Chris and I ever did. They've already learned to work together as a team and approach all things with laughter. I'm really rather proud of them. And I'm humbled and blessed to be included.

I also treated myself to some expensive (to me) earrings that will be here in a couple of weeks ("they are custom made upon purchase" according to the receipt -fancy).

Happy Love Thursday.