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They started talking about the snowstorm on Sunday around here. The warned us to be prepared for Thursday. I kind of listened to the warnings in the same way I listen to the tornado warnings, with half an ear (so much for active listening). By Wednesday I had decided that it just might be worth the effort to get my car in the garage. I bought a grill cover, dragged the lawnmower outside and folded the handle down. The grill cover fit perfectly. I moved the scooter to where the lawnmower used to be and now the car fits snuggly (and I mean's going to be entertaining to watch me open the garage door) into the garage. I still wasn't convinced that anything would happen and decided to treat Thursday like any other day. I got up, showered and dressed. I peaked out the window just before getting onto my yoga mat. All was clear, no snow. But by the time I'd finished meditation and started cooking breakfast there was a dusting of white on the ground and it looked like it was just going to get worse. Sure enough, by the time I'd finished breakfast, visibility was nil and I couldn't see my street. I declared it a snow day. And boy howdy was it ever a snow day. I don't think I've ever seen so much snow. By 11:00 AM, we had 10 and half inches of snow on the ground.

So, I spent the day on the couch watching Hulu and chatting online with people. I taught myself how do to the Lindy Hop via YouTube. But mostly I spent it on the couch and I'm not going to feel guilty for that. Instead, I'm going to be grateful. I'm so thankful that I got the car in the garage and that I bought a new snow shovel. I am thankful that I plan my meals out weekly and had food in my house. I am thankful for a forced day of nothing.

Here's to a winter wonderland of a Thankful Friday.