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I laughed at every comment left on yesterday's entry. For every story, I could see Chris talking. I could hear his voice. Todd, I remember that New Orleans trip well. Suebob, you may not have known Chris, but you knew enough to share a story that contained two of his favorite things: Apple and sex. Sunday will be one year. "Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes." That is why Love Thursday's entry was so important to me. How do you measure a year? How do you measure a life? The song says that it is measured with love, but I say it is measured with both love and laughter. One of the things all of us loved the most about Chris, was the way he could make us laugh. So we honor that love with laughter. I am thankful for every single story. It was a goal for me when all of this started, to always remember to laugh. Chris made me laugh every day. EVERY DAY. He rarely ever made me cry. This is something I will not forget. Chris taught me that life is funny and it is. Oh dear me...this life is hilarious! I am thankful for his teachings and for showing me that even under the most dire circumstances there is a reason to laugh. This is a gift we all should remember and hold onto. Someone was telling me recently about the Knock Out Game. It's a game bored teens invented and involves punching random people. I am amazed at the ways people can sit around and come up with new ways to hurt each other. Why not come up with new ways to make each other laugh in a non-violent way?

I am thankful for all of you and your hilarious memories. Here's to a laugh out loud weekend and a very Thankful Friday!