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By way of that weird time/space conundrum thing Valentine's Day just happens to fall on a Thursday, also known as Love Thursday around here. I have never really been a fan of Valentine's Day. Chris and I never celebrated it. We were not good with planned romance. The few times we made the attempt to be like other couples on Valentine's Day, we failed miserably. I mean it never ended with us angry or fighting. It just ended with us both being disenfranchised with the whole idea of Valentine's Day, irritated by the crowded restaurants and the emphasis to Make. This. Day. Special. We did manage to get it right once, but that was only because we forgot it was Valentine's Day and ended up at our favorite Indian Restaurant that happened to be having a Valentine's Day dinner special. But then my friend Jill was talking about how they spent the day decorating their little girl's Valentine's box and I remembered that there was a time when I did enjoy this holiday. I loved decorating that shoe box into a mailbox for Valentines. I loved making and addressing Valentines to all of my classmates. I loved opening the shoe box up on Valentine's Day and just seeing the big pile of Valentines. We were all too young to associate Valentine's Day with boyfriend/girlfriend stuff or complicated relationships or how it's the loneliest day for single people. We were too young for expectations of a grand romantic gesture from that certain someone. Everyone gave out and received a Valentine. I was partial to those heart shaped suckers.

There are many parts of my life before college that I would never ever want to repeat. Breaking both arms (luckily not at the same time), that unfortunate haircut, all of high school are things I could have done with out. But those days of shoe box Valentines? I could do those again. In fact, I'm not really sure why that's something we had to grow out of. Can you just imagine how enjoyable Valentine's Day would be for EVERYONE if we still did the the shoe box Valentine mailbox thing?

I think I'll have Indian food for dinner tonight. Happy Love Thursday!