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Let me tell you about my new(ish) friend Diane. Chad introduced us when I was visiting him and Jess in Atlanta. Diane owns the most charming book store in Decatur GA called Little Shop of Stories and she was in town this week for a book conference. I went and kidnapped her for lunch on Sunday and as we were driving over to the restaurant, she asked about what I did for a living. I told her about my job and when I finished, she said "'re smart." Then she followed that up with "You are smart. I just own a bookstore." And that's where I went "Wooaaaa, uh no." I told her that she just doesn't sell books, she sells literacy. Getting to buy a book was always a treat for me. There was always at least one book on my list to Santa and pennies were often saved up for trips to the bookstore. We used to eat Sunday dinners at the Black-eyed Pea. The one we always went to was right next to the best little bookstore. I would beg to go in every time. I loved reading and bookstores like Diane's fostered that love. It has always slightly annoyed me that there are young kids in my life who would rather see the movie than read the book. The book is always better! Diane doesn't just sell books. She sells imagination and dreams. OK...yes...I am smart (at science), but I'm smart because of the influence of people like Diane and her shop.

So in honor of reading, literacy and great books, we are going to get Mr. Barnett's class some books. They only need $113 more and this project will be funded. Some of you may have donated through before. If you have, be sure to go in and check your account with them. Sometimes projects run out of time and the money you donated gets funded back to your account for you to pick a different project to donate to. You won't know this unless you check your DonorsChoose account (they don't email you). So in case you missed it the link is:

Thank you! And Happy Love Thursday!

UPDATE: You guys fully funded that project and the awe of it all nearly brought me to my knees. I love all of you and I'm thinking we need a project a month from DonorsChoose. Send me your suggestions!