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I met Father Jacob during my visit to Atlanta. He's the priest that performed Chad and Jess's marriage ceremony. I only had a brief encounter with the man. Enough of an encounter to give me a glimpse of this quirky, cooky, little man. What caught my attention the most were the photos he had hanging on the wall near his office. They were various photos of people he'd encountered and helped through the Loaves and Fishes program at his church. All of the faces looked so happy, so full of love. Father Jacob passed away this week. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to meet him. You know, before Chris died and my trip to Atlanta, Chad was just a brief encounter? We'd only seen each other in the flesh that one time when Chad drove through OKC and met us for dinner. He was just some (possible crazy, definitely weird) dude we knew from Flickr. Now I consider him and Jess to be family. Suebob? I hung out with her one evening at BlogHer. I've seen her in real life twice, but I know I love that woman. How could you not? She's so awesome and welcoming. I've met some pretty amazing and wonderful people from brief encounters. Brief encounters can be scary and I think our first instinct is to guard our hearts, shut them down a bit. But I've learned over the years that going into those moments with an open heart/open mind lets in some pretty spectacular people. I am thankful for every single one.

I am thankful for my re-connection with my yoga mat. I am thankful for the sunlight that was streaming through the window when I opened my eyes from meditation this morning. I am thankful for the escape I have planned for this weekend. And I am always, always thankful for you. Here's to a perfect weekend and very Thankful Friday.