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Mom, Janell, Amanda, Randy and Katrina will all show up at my house tomorrow. Mom's (that's her up there in that picture) birthday is on the 15th and we usually just do a joint celebration. I've made reservations at a fancy fish house in the Plaza District. My mom has reached an age where she waves away the idea of another birthday. She tends to look disdainfully down her nose at it. Of course I think that's the wrong attitude for her to have. In fact, I think you should make a big deal about your birthday the older you get. Years for us have kind seemed like car wrecks. Any car wreck you can walk away from is worth celebrating. I'm thankful that Mom has aged so well. She's still relatively healthy. She's still active in her community and manages to keep herself busy. She texts and facebooks and emails. She may be a great-grandma, but she's a pretty hip grandma and is always there when someone needs a ride. And for me, I can say that I'm thankful she's around when I need her. I'm thankful for her willingness to help. I'm just thankful for my mom.


I am also thankful that all of them can come here this weekend. I know my house is tiny, but the idea of all of us crammed in here makes me happy. It's like a camping trip or a slumber party. Actually, I think it's going to be very much like a slumber party with me and Amanda in the living room (she gets the couch and I get the air mattress). I've never had a slumber party with my niece. We should watch Sixteen Candles. I should buy us some slumber party like snacks. What do girls eat at slumber parties these days?

This week has been full with a return to routine and the weekend looks like it's going to be full with fun and laughter and love. How could I not be thankful? Here's a great week and a perfectly wonderful Thankful Friday.