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I really considered doing an entire Love Thursday on ghee, but I decided to save that delicious story for some other time. It is delicious. Instead, today's entry is about good news. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I received an email from one friend and a text from another friend, both of them sharing a bit of good news. I won't tell you the news because it's not my news to share. It's not anything crazy or sensational or a secret. It's just not my news to share here. But when I heard their bit of good, my heart sprouted wings and flew up, lifting me a few inches off the floor. Yes, I realize that sounds mushy. But seriously. Nothing brings me more joy than receiving word that my friends are doing well. After J died, I used to dread the sound of the phone ringing. It seemed that every time the phone rang it was someone telling us some sort of bad news. Someone was dead. There was a car accident. There was news that someone had a serious illness. Bad, horrible news. Over time, it just became the norm to hear bad news. Bad news became easier to hear. This is both a blessing and curse because eventually your ears get adjusted to only hearing bad things. There may be good things going on out there, but you just don't hear it. When I noticed this happening to me, I knew I had to make a change. I had to find a way to hear the good again.

I think I've done a pretty good job at re-training my ears. I hear less bad stuff. I don't dread the ring of a phone any more. But even though I've chosen to hear less bad, I don't feel like I hear enough good. So when I get that simple email or text expressing the tiniest bit of good news, I get ecstatic. I can't help it. I love hearing about your good news. The next time you get a job promotion or you won a package of M&Ms shoot me a text or an email so that I can take the time to be happy for you. Because your happy makes me happy.

Happy Love Thursday!