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Cindy Maddera


When I was a kid, my sister and I used to clean up the garage so that we could roller skate in it. You guys remember roller skates right? It's those boot looking things with four wheels on the soles. Mine were white with pink pom-poms. We'd set up a radio and skate around and around the garage. I think I remember us only being able to do this a few times because the garage was rarely clear enough to do it, but I loved it. I think one of the things that made it so great was spending time with Janell. Teenage older sisters don't always have time for their little baby sisters. This was one of those things Janell did with me that made me feel like I was getting a chance to hang out with the cool kids. Saturday I cleaned out my garage. I took glass and cardboard to recycling. Filled a bag or two with garbage. I swept the floor and organized the shelves. I put my recycling bins near the door. They had been wedged by the lawnmower on the other side of the garage. I would have to shove the lawnmower to the side every time I needed to take it out to the curb. And with it being on the other side of the garage, there were times I'd just toss my recycling towards the bin like playing basketball. I'm not good at basketball. But I didn't clean out the garage just to move my recycling bins to a more convenient location. I had hopes of making enough room to get my car into the garage. I had a feeling the garage wasn't wide enough for my car, but that turned out to not be the problem. The garage is wide enough. It's just not long enough. The problem is the lawnmower. If the lawnmower was stored outside, I could turn the scooter sideways and then the car would fit.

But even though the car doesn't fit in the garage, it still felt good to have it cleaned out and to get rid of some garbage. It's easier to get to tools and gardening supplies. Camp gear is organized. And even though the garage is not quite big enough for the car, I do have a decent space for roller skating.