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Cindy Maddera


Any girl that grew up in 4-H knows how to sew. This brain contains the knowledge of how to cut out a garment, follow a pattern, put in sleeves and even a zipper. But that knowledge is wedged way back in the middle somewhere. I hated every moment of sewing. I'm sure my mother also hated every minute of me sewing because she couldn't get as far as the bathroom before I'd be screaming "MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM". My memories of sewing are memories of a constant battle with the sewing machine and hours of ripping out seams. Making a garment for a 4-H project means that is has to be perfect. PERFECT! So it's no big surprised that I gave it up when my 4-H career ended. But people, have you seen the lovely fabric that's out there these days?!? Its so freaking enticing. I decided to drag out my sewing machine and make Hooper and I knew stockings. We never got around to replacing them after the accident I don't talk about. Every Christmas I'd look at the store made ones and never really see anything that reflected us. I knew that the only way I'd be able to get OUR stockings was if I made them. So I did.

Cutting up

I spent thirty minutes fighting with the sewing machine and remembering how to actually use the thing, but turns out it's kind of like riding a bicycle. And there was no need to be perfect because I have no plans on entering them in any competition. I didn't even use a pattern. As long as you don't look down inside them too closely, I think they turned out lovely. The material for my stocking came from Owl & Drum. My HS friend Dani partnered with a friend of her's to open this really cute little shop in Tulsa, but you can also buy from them online. They have lots of cute things.

Hung on the Wall

And then I wrapped a tomato cage with Christmas lights, because I couldn't stop myself.