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Cindy Maddera


A sensor light that I didn't recognize came on in my car last week. I had to dig out the manual to figure out the symbol. It's a tire pressure symbol. You guys? I've never EVER owned a vehicle that's told me that I needed to put air in my tires. As far as I knew, as long as the tire was actually inflated and holding the car up, you were good to go. I stopped by a gas station and attempted to put air in the front tires, but I really didn't know what I was doing. I didn't have a tire gauge and the air compressor made a lot of noise. I don't think much air actually made it into the tires. Actually...I know that not much air made it into the tires because the light never went off. Luckily, I know people. My friend Jeff from work invited me to hand out Halloween candy Wednesday night with his family. He also said he'd put air in my tires and I thought this was a pretty good trade off for sitting around, drinking his beer and handing out candy. As he was filling up the tires, he was telling about how the tire sensor works and psi and I just nodded my head like I understood what he was talking about. So...I'm thankful for Jeff and his cute little family for making me feel welcome and putting air in my tires.

What else? I'm thankful that Talaura is back at work so we can have our daily chats. I am thankful that cancer passed over Misti's house. I am thankful that all my friends and family appeared to have had a wonderful and safe Halloween. And...I'm thankful I didn't throw up while scooping a dead mouse up from my kitchen floor. Remember to set your clocks back an hour this weekend. Here's to a lovely one and a very thankful Friday.