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Cindy Maddera


I've been really reluctant to admit this, but I think my internal compass is broken. I've always instinctively been able to point out north, south, east and west. I get my direction and map skills from dad and he has mad navigational skills. There's only been one time when I've been unable to figure out north and that was when we were in Portland. I blamed it on the fact that Portland has a true north and a magnetic north. But other then that time, I've always been spot on with directions. Remember how I talked about driving 40 minutes in the wrong direction the other day? My instructions where to take Hwy 7 south. I exited on Hwy 7, but I went north. There was just something about how the exit looped off the major Hwy I was just exiting that made me think I was headed in the right direction. I drove and drove on this little two-lane Hwy that twisted and turned and passed you through little towns. The entire drive, I was torn between the beauty of all the trees and Fall colors and this annoying thought that the sun wasn't in the right place. And when I finally passed a sign telling me I was on Hwy 7 North, I slapped my forehead and turned around.

If I'm to be completely honest, this thing with the compass has been happening quite a bit. When I was in New York in July, I never figured out where I was. I turned out of Talaura's apartment and onto the street in the wrong direction just about every morning. I might as well been wearing a leash for Talaura to lead me around with. The entire time I was in Atlanta, I had zero clues into which direction was north. None. I had no freakin' idea where I was in relationship to north, south, east and west. I never told anyone this or asked "hey, which way is north?". I just went with it. And the other night when I went out to Jeff's house for Halloween, even though I'd been there twice before, I still got lost.

It's not like my compass needle is completely broken. I could stand up right now and point you correctly north. I think it's just off a little. It needs some adjusting. Or it needs to be re-magnetized. Always with the magnets.