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My first inclination was to dread going home for Thanksgiving. I had a whole bunch of whiny reasons. I've gotten comfortable in my hermity life style. But then, I started to actually look forward to it. It's kind of like the Grinch's heart growing three sizes. My anticipation for the Thanksgiving holiday grew just as proportionally. The other night I was watching The Neighbors' (don't judge me). It was the Thanksgiving episode and the human mom was teaching the alien children that Thanksgiving was really Hell. It included in-laws that criticized everything and the usual family bickering. It ended nicely with people realizing that they didn't need to be mean to each other, but I couldn't help but think about how these TV shows are often inspired by actual events. The idea that Holidays with the family is a horrible chore that we must endure seems to be a common theme actually. It's like we're going into battle because we remember the year before when Aunt Sally complained about EVERYTHING and Cousin Dilbert pouted because he got left out of the drinking game. We so easily forget that at the very core of the craziest, loudest family gathering is the love that brought you all together in the first place. Because here's the deal. If it was so awful, you wouldn't go. Deep down we love every minute of the crazy.

Maybe it's because I haven't been home in a while or maybe I'm just tired of the stereotype that's become the family holiday gathering, but I decided to leave my armor at home this year. Hope everyone has the most wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are safe in your travels. Happy Love Thursday!