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I feel like I've finally started to regain my morning meditation practice. At least I'm more consistent in my practice than I have been in a long time. Each day, I study one of the yoga sutras and then use it as my mantra. I chant the sanskrit version of the sutra and listen to the way my tongue trips over the combination of letters. I could probably use a lesson in sanskrit. Also, I think my attempt to speak in a foreign tongue brings out my Oklahoma twang. I'm the yoga version of Eleanor Beardsley. I thought the time change would work in my favor with the whole morning meditation thing. I usually (begrudgingly) get up at 5:30 every morning so I have time for a meditation practice and a good breakfast. That 5:30 AM should have gotten easier with setting the clocks back an hour. Instead, I find myself waking up around 4 and feeling my eyes droop around 8:30 in the evenings. My internal clock has decided to not acknowledge Daylight Savings. And I'm OK with that. It worked in my favor Tuesday morning because I was able to do all my usual morning things and still make it to the polls by 7 AM.

That morning I sat down to do my meditation practice and opened my Yoga Sutra book to that day's sutra. It was sutra I.11: Memory retains living experience. In the discussion, it talked about how in Ayurvedic medicine, memory's well spring is in the heart. "The more one loves, the better one remembers".

I want to remember everything.

Happy Love Thursday.