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Cindy Maddera


I'm just like anyone else. I watch TV and movies. After years of seeing New York City featured as a backdrop to countless TV shows and movies, you get an impression of what that city should be like. The magic of New York City is that the first time you visit it, it is that impression and it isn't. You'll recognize places and images and then you'll discover places and images that are completely new. You will have that typical "rude" New Yorker moment at least one time, but for the most part your encounters will be pleasant. New York City is just like you see it on TV, but then it's not. After that first visit, you realize that it's better than the TV impression you had.

Lady Liberty and me

When you grow up in tornado alley, you tend to make light of the weather. I admit that I wasn't really paying attention to hurricane Sandy until I heard that it was headed for New York, and even then I wasn't all that concerned. I was talking to Talaura while she was holed up with her friend Gretchen, weathering out the storm, and I said that the Oklahoman in me would want to go outside and stand in it. Just to see what it was like. Talaura said that the only reason she hadn't was because there were more trees there and she was more likely to get beamed in head. Talaura's neighborhood was lucky and relatively unscathed. Same with Kizz and Amber. All safe and sound. And even though the city has sustained some damage, it's nothing that they can't recover from. Because if the people of New York know how to do anything, its rally.

N.Y.C's Best

I love that city. I love the bright lights. I love all the noise. I love that the minute you walk into Central Park, all that noise just disappears. I love the street vendors and the food carts. I love watching the dog walkers on 5th Ave. I even love how it makes me feel so insignificant with it's vastness. But most of all, I love it because it is home to some pretty special people in my life.

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