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One of the things Terry said to me the other night was "Wonder Woman? It's time to put your bracelets on". I'm stuck. Words and ideas are trapped inside my brain and I can't figure out how to get them out. I think maybe if I bought a new computer, the words would just drop out of my finger tips. You would be able to read entertaining entries and I'd make some progress on that book thing I've started (I'm not talking about that). I stopped using my laptop months ago because it would do this thing where the cursor would just randomly jump to a new place. I'd be typing along and look up to see that I'd just written a whole paragraph in the middle of sentence from another paragraph. It was a mess. So I moved to the laptop that Todd had sent for Chris to use. It's fine; it just makes this slight whiny noise and has to stay plugged in. Both are old as tombs. But I'm hemming and hawing over making a decision. My thoughts are as scattered as the things Chad kept sneaking into my purse. The first thing I found was a toy jeep.

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It was my last day and I was cleaning out the trash that had accumulated in the bottom of my bag when my fingers rolled across the little wheels. I picked it up and looked at it. I knew there had been kids at the party the day before, but I couldn't imagine any of them digging around in my purse. So I took it downstairs to Chad and asked "do you know why there's a jeep in my purse?". It looked like he was going to try to deny it's existence, but instead blurted out "because it's a jeep". Chad and Jess are Jeep people. We rode all over Atlanta in a Jeep. In fact, I still have the remnants of a bruise on my shin where I banged the fuck out of it while clambering in.

Then, while we were at breakfast, I reached into my purse to grab my camera. Resting on top of my camera was this toy Death Star.

My Photo Stream-155

There was no explanation for this one. He didn't say a word, just shrugged because we already knew why that one was in there. I think that was the last thing. I haven't really dumped out the purse since my trip and that may be something I need to do. But I'm pretty sure those where the only things he snuck past me. They seem random, but really, if you know how to look, you'll see the connection and the random things found in my purse are no longer random. Learning to find the connection with the little things helps my find the connections with the big things.