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Cindy Maddera


“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”-George Moore

Prior to my Atlanta trip, I'd grown a bit lethargic. I had completely fallen off my yoga mat. I'd made it to the third Yoga Sutra when my meditation crashed to a halt. Weekly chore nights didn't happen, so I'd end up spending a Saturday or Sunday scrubbing down the house. Which isn't all that bad, but it was a good excuse for not going out into the big world and doing stuff. I hadn't touched my camera in weeks. I still walked the dog every day, but I'd gotten really good at laying on that couch and watching whole seasons of TV shows in one weekend. Every day was exhausting. I'd get home from work and immediately lay down for twenty minutes and then end up going to bed for the night around 10:00. The next day would just be a re-run of the day before. I was tired. For no reason.

My mini vacation was far from relaxing. We were on the go ALL THE TIME. OH MY GOD THE AMOUNT OF STUFF WE DID. I was sure that I'd need weeks to recover and get back into some sort of routine. If I was tired before I even left for the trip, I figured that I might need to be hospitalized for exhaustion after the trip. But that didn't happen. I've been on my mat every day this week and I've easily gotten up early enough to do a morning meditation practice. Chores are done and there have been zero naps. I have no excuse for not doing something this weekend. So, this is what I'm thankful for this week. I am thankful for the vacation to Atlanta. I am thankful for the nurturing affect it had on my soul. I am thankful for the soreness of my ribs from ALL THE LAUGHING.

But I am also thankful that I could bring that goodness back with me to my little house. I am thankful for the clean sheets on my bed and the root veggies Mom left in my pantry. I am thankful for the crazy happy dance Hooper did when I came home. It felt good to know that he missed me. And...I am thankful for you.

Here's to a blessed weekend and a wonderful Thankful Friday!