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Thankful Friday is in list form today because I present in lab meeting this afternoon and all of the brain juice went into that presentation. Things I'm thankful for this week?

  1. Lab work on the dog came in and he is really super healthy. I think he's been milking the sympathy treats for all it's worth, but I don't care. Dog can have all the treats.
  2. Our evening walks. Hooper gets so excited about going. He's such a dork.
  3. Happy Hippo candy. Click on the link. That's all the explanation you need.
  4. Honey Crisp Apple season!
  5. Getting lab presentation over with before I leave for my trip.
  6. $5 off a bath coupon at Pet's Mart. I'm using that on Hooper Saturday. This makes one of us very happy ( makes me happy).
  7. Mom coming to stay with Hooper while I'm out of town next week.
  8. All the love and support I get from you people.

Here's a great weekend, but a truly Thankful Friday!