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This time next week I will be in Atlanta GA. My senior year in HS (I think), All State Baptist Choir did this tour that took us to parts of Tennessee, Both Carolinas, and Georgia. I only remember bits and pieces of that trip because we never stayed in one place long enough to figure out where we were. I remember singing in a church that was so HUGE it had it's own Mardel's inside. I remember staying in dorm rooms that had no air conditioning and Julie Field's bed broke when she jumped on it. I remember one of our buses got in an accident with a motorcycle and I remember that we went to Six Flags. I know we saw virtually nothing of Atlanta (we may have sung at one of their massive Baptist churches but throw a rock in the south and you'll hit a massive Baptist church). The point being, I don't think I've ever really been to Atlanta. I am going to Atlanta to visit birdpony and his new bride Jess and I cannot wait. birdpony's presence in my life is proof of the power of the wonderful world of the internet. He is long lost family (not really) that I never would have known without the internet and I don't think even he realizes just how important he is to me, particularly this year. I've never met Jess in the flesh, but it doesn't matter. Whether she likes it or not she is now part of the tribe and I look forward to squeezing her neck (in love..not murder) and celebrating their nuptials with a Happily Ever After Party. There will be sights seen, breakfasts consumed (we share a love of breakfast is the most important meal after all), ashes scattered at the ho-ho trees (I tried to find a link for that, you'll just have to wait until I get back to explain), and general laughing and merriment.

Also, birdpony celebrated a birthday this week. When I first got my new phone, he made me get this Walkie-Talkie app. I told him that I would never record a voice message to him because the sound of my voice sets my teeth on edge. He sends me voice messages all the time and I just laugh and laugh, but I never reciprocate. Until his birthday. I whisper sang "Happy Birthday" to him (I didn't want people to hear me). He said it was not weird at all (translation: it was weird). I know I'll have tons of stories when I get back, but I'm making these two my Love Thursday entry today. Because how amazing and special is it that these two people in a state so far from mine are in my life? I tell you it's pretty awesome stuff.

Y'all (I'm preparing my Atlanta accent) be sure to wish the birdpony a happy belated birthday. And have a wonderful Love Thursday!

Side note: That's the only decent picture of birdpony that I have and he's entering vagina doors. Nice.