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Boys didn't find me attractive in HS, or if they did, they were not very good at letting me know they were interested. This is how things went for me then. I either liked a guy who was not interested (most always) in me or a boy would like me, we'd "go out", he'd tell me that he loved me, and I would end things (twice...this happened twice). I'm sure that true love exists at a young age. I just wasn't sure that it existed for me. I always loved the idea of escaping to college more than having a boyfriend. Besides that, I just didn't understand the whole process. When you're in elementary school, you know a boy likes you when he hits you or pulls your hair. As we get older it moves from action to verbal, except you're never really sure if the guy is verbally being mean to you because he really likes you or if he's just a jerk. Most likely (particularly in my case) he's just a jerk. I found the whole process not worth bothering over and spent a lot of Friday evenings Liz Lemon style. The online dating world is just like high school. I deleted my profile from the free online dating place today because it was turning into a process not worth bothering over. I was tired of the constant barrage of one line messages of "hey insert one of the following: sweetie, sexy, gorgeous" and messages from grown men that use "lol!!!" in every other sentence. Can we all just please stop using "lol"? It grates on my every last nerve. I am the first to admit that my grammar skills could use some refining. Most of that is really because I hardly ever proof read anything. But that place made me look like a grammar professor. It also made me feel unclean.

Here's what I liked about that place though. It allowed me to use my real name. I feel like that place gives people a better opportunity to be their authentic self. What I realized is that some people, and I mean most, do not take the opportunity to do so. I get that using your real name puts you "out there" and can be a little scary. My name will lead you straight to this blog, which is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, this is the place to really get a sense of who I am. On the other hand....this is the place to get a sense of who I am. Slippery slope my friends. But I have to say that I am disappointed that most of the people on that site did not take advantage of the opportunity to be authentic. Many of the profiles mentioned that they'd been jilted by the lack of authenticity in the people they've met and yet they themselves are guilty of the same thing.

It all caused me to roll my eyes a lot. And really? I don't mind spending my Friday nights like Liz Lemon.