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Cindy Maddera


In May, I went to my cell phone store to see about changing my account and getting an upgrade. I was told that I had to wait until August. August rolled around and I went back to the store. I told the sales guy that I wanted an iPhone and he said "OK, but look at these". I let him talk me into something that wasn't the iPhone, but when he went to ring it all up he realized that my upgrade wasn't due until the end of August and he needed a death certificate to change my account. As I left the store, again without changing anything, I got kind of mad. I want an iPhone! Why am I always letting people talk me out of getting an iPhone?!?! So, I waited. I waited until the iPhone 5 was released and I practiced my speech. "I want an iPhone 4S 16GB". A couple of weeks ago, I marched into the store determined. I looked at a different sales guy and said "I want an iPhone 4S 16GB...and I need to change my account". This guy was different. He said "OK" and then took care of my account, changing things, getting my bill lower, and when he was all done with that, he put his elbows on the counter and leaned in and said "Are you sure you don't want the iPhone 5?". So...I was once again talked out of the iPhone 4S and I am now the super proud owner of a new iPhone 5.

I didn't think I'd be this giddy over it as I am, but I have never, NEVER, owned the cutting edge of anything. I always wait for the cutting edge thing to be released and then buy the cutting edge's sister equivalent. Just like I never pay full price for anything I purchase from the Gap. But now I'm the girl with the newest thang. It's kind of exciting. So yeah...this week I am thankful for my new phone, but I'm also thankful for that salesclerk. Because at one point, while I was ordering the phone, he looked at me and said "You get what you want". Not one sales person has ever said that to me. I always let myself get talked into the thing that I don't want, but this time? This time I got the thing I wanted. So, I'm thankful for that salesclerk.

I'm thankful for lots of things this week. It's been good to me and I hope it's been somewhat good to you too. Here's to a wonderful weekend and a very Thankful Friday!