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Rarely do I state here that I am thankful it's Friday and that the work week is done. Mostly this is because I feel that this is stating the obvious. Of course everyone's thankful for the end of a work week and the promise of two days of rest. But that's not what Thankful Friday entries are for. These entries are a reminder to stop and take the time to verbally be grateful for the good in my week, which is sometimes difficult. When I have hard weeks, I have to look really hard for the good things to be grateful for. But because I'm devoted to these entries, I look. I look and then I see that yes, there is good stuff in those bad weeks. Earlier in the week my blog (and Misti's) went down. At first I thought it was just a routine maintenance thing, but then I started to worry. I emailed Todd in a panic and while waiting to hear back from him, I tried to hack into our hosting account. Then I was pretty sure I'd messed up the password and by the time I forced myself to just stop, I was convinced that I'd lost the blogs. I was convinced that I'd destroyed everything, doom, gloom, kablamy. I slept fitfully that night, tossing and turning and then I heard from Todd and of course it was all an easy fix. Todd told me what to do, for which I am extremely thankful, and all blogs were back up as if nothing had ever happened.

That moment between broken and fixed was just a moment, but it sent me into panic overdrive because of the thought of losing this space. The very thought of being without the blog made me understand just how grateful I am to have this space. I have never thought of myself as a writer or even very creative, but this space is a practice to help cultivate creativity. It's another practice like my 365 Days of Happy where I take a picture every day of something that has made me happy or Love Thursdays and even Thankful Fridays. This space is my place to spill the crazy randomness of my brain, to promote kindness and understanding. It's a home that I've worked on and cultivated for more than ten years. I may have bought my first house just last year, but this is truly my first home. And I'm more than thankful to have it.

Have a wonderful weekend and very Thankful Friday.