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I spent most of Saturday and a tiny bit of Sunday getting caught up with Fringe so that I could be ready for the new season. I'm not proud of myself, but I watched an entire season and the season premier for this season all in one weekend. I haven't done a season marathon like that since Chris and I started Weeds. It's never pretty. I ate a whole bag of TJ's corn chips for dinner Saturday night. But the weekend wasn't a complete couch fest. I did manage to scrub down the kitchen and bathroom and mopped floors. Laundry was done and clean sheets were put on the bed. I baked those cookies I'd dreamed about and I had a good Sunday evening meal of Tibetan Roast and collard greens. I even made it out to the Farmer's Market. Usually, at the market, I end up juggling my bag, my camera and a shopping bag full of veggies. That was the picture of me in my head as I parked the car Saturday morning. Instead, I decided to only grab my wallet and phone, choosing to take all my pictures with my new iPhone. And I'm pretty happy with the results.

Camera Roll-5
Camera Roll-11
Camera Roll-12

Hope your weekend was as full of color.