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Cindy Maddera


Something happens to the sun this time of year. I call it September sun. The sun changes from this red-orange fire ball to a warm yellow globe. It's crisp against the blue sky. I noticed Sunday, while hanging clothes on the line, the way the sun filters down through the leaves is even different. Remember that scene in Pollyanna where she becomes enamored with the crystal sun catchers on that old lady's chandelier? It's like that. The sun moves through the leaves just like it does through the crystals. It is a cooler, dryer sun. This September sun reminds me to move in a cooler direction. I've been battling with anger this week. I've been angry at all things. I know that this is part of something bigger than wrecked plans and missing iPad apps and the newest batch of poison ivy on my arm (I can't do yard work). But I've channeled the anger into these little things because they're easier targets. That crisp sparkly sun reminds me that it's time to let go of the fiery orange red sun of summer that I've been holding onto on the inside. It's a reminder to finally declare it to be Fall and to change with the season.

It's also a reminder to stop and notice and be aware of that crisp yellow sparkly sun. A reminder to see that it is different, finding those differences and seeing the beauty in it. Happy Love Thursday.