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Misti said that Labor Day weekend was like a beacon at the end of a long dark tunnel. I couldn't have agreed more. It wasn't because I needed a vacation. My weekends have been pretty laid back and care free since my return from New York. No...I needed my tribe. I needed to sit in Misti's backyard and drink and laugh with friends. I needed brunch with Margaret and Philip and Robin. I needed to lounge on Traci's couch while Juno licked me to death and Quinn wandered around with his Green Bay (I think that's the team) football helmet on. That boy had Pokemon playing on the computer in one room and Deadliest Warrior in the other room and was keeping up with both. I needed to add a person to my tribe (yes, Michael that would be you) and eat special salsa, now for ever really named burn-your-face-off salsa. I feel I've been very isolated lately, spending a lot of time in my own head. Probably too much time. Things will happen and it all gets stored in there somewhere and then I forget to take them out and share them. I was sitting on Misti's couch when I said "last month, I got a massage from a guy missing a tooth" and Misti looked at me with a signature Misti look and said "why has this story not been blown up all over the internet?". I don't know. It didn't even occur to me until the words "missing a tooth" came out of mouth (ha) that this was something that actually had happened for real and not just in my head. Yup, that massage therapist was missing a tooth. That happened. I don't mind spending so much time in my own head, but there comes a time when you need to use actual words and an actual voice.

I realize that I need human interaction from time to time. I may joke to some that most of my friends are on the internet, but it's true. I type words and communicate with friends every day online, but being able to see them face to face, hug their necks and hear their laughter is like a healing balm to the soul.

Happy Love Thursday.