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Cindy Maddera


I've been fed up with my hair for months. When I got home from New York, I made mom measure my pony tail. It was at 8 inches, enough for the Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. Misti and I started planning and it was decided that I would come down Labor Day weekend and she would chop all my hair off. And that's what we did.


You know that scene in 16 Candles when Caroline's friend cuts Caroline's hair to get her out the door she's stuck in? Caroline heaves this huge sigh of relief when the last bit is cut and she's free from the door. That's exactly how I felt when Misti cut off that pony tail. One of Misti's co-workers was standing there as I described this and she said "so, you were stuck in a door". Yes, that's it exactly. I was stuck in a door. And then I started crying. Not because I had just chopped off all my hair, but because I was finally beginning to recognize myself.

That night most of the gang showed up to visit in Misti's backyard. My friend Jen exclaimed "It's old Cindy!" as she hugged my neck. God, it feels good to be back to my short hair.

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