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Cindy Maddera


On Tuesday, somebody at the lunch table said "Tomorrow's August 1st!" and I felt my every-thing-is-alright mask slip for a second. I don't remember the date we buried J, but I will never forget the date he died or the sound of Mom's voice on the phone that day or the yoga pose I was in when she called. It's been seven years. I wondered if this year Aug 1st would be unbearable because I'm already a little bit broken from earlier events of the year. Wednesday came and I over slept because I'd forgotten to turn on my alarm. I played around with the idea of calling in sick. Then I couldn't figure out what I'd do all day at home, so I jumped up, did the minimal amount required to be presentable for work, swallowed a bowl of cereal and made it to work five minutes late. And I didn't think to much about the date. I knew the real test would come when it was time for yoga. Again, I toyed with the idea of calling in sick. I had left my yoga mat in the car. I could just get in the car and go home, but I chose to get the yoga mat out of the car. I went to class and when I stepped onto my mat, I relished in the warmth radiating off it and into the souls of my feet. Then, as I lifted my chest in upward facing dog, I felt my heart lift and I felt true joy. And I thought "Yes. Yes, I can do this". It is that moment right there that I am most thankful for this week. I get the impression that it has been a difficult week for many of us. Disappointments, struggles, stresses are just swirling in the air. I just want to remind you that Yes, yes you can do this.

The heat wave that's raging through the mid-west is not helping matters, but I believe that relief is just around the corner. Yesterday, I woke up to thunder and rain. My weather widget on my desktop is boasting 80 with an expected high of 89 on Sunday. Yes...yes, we can do this. As always and particularly today, I am always always thankful for you.

Here's to a blessed weekend and truly Thankful Friday.