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Tuesday afternoon I received a call from security asking me to come down to the security desk for a minute. I hesitantly said "um...OK". I think the security guard felt a little guilty at this point so he said that they had a delivery for me downstairs. As I made my way down to the front desk, I tried to figure out who and what would be sent to the security desk for me to pick up and why didn't it just come through the regular mail. When I reached security I saw my dad sitting there and realized I'd been set up. Dad was on a drive to North Dakota (the places this man goes) and he stopped by to have dinner with me and bring me some old black and white pictures he found of some of our beagle puppies. We spent some time gushing over the cuteness of those puppies. I could have kept every single one of them. Beagle puppies are the cutest because they grow into hardheaded stubborn dogs that require a huge amount of patience and training. Nature makes them cute so you won't kill them. That being said, I still would have kept every single one of those puppies. This entry isn't even about those puppies, but look how they've distracted me.

Any way, at one point in our visit, I mentioned to Dad that if someone gave me lots of money, I'd pay to have someone dig out my driveway and have a new garage built below my current one and make the current garage into a screened in porch. Then Dad told me this story. He said he had an uncle who started digging under his house with a spoon. He dug a little bit every day. Dad said he didn't know what his uncle did with the dirt, but eventually he excavated a large area and built a garage just like I was talking about. I looked at dad and said "with a spoon?!". That's when he confessed that his uncle started digging with the spoon, but moved on to a shovel. So maybe my great uncle didn't actually Shawshank Redemption himself into a new garage after all.

Dad tells the best stories. Happy Love Thursday!