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My first instinct when I sat down to write today's Love Thursday was to say "Love Thursday can suck it". But then I remembered that I never told you the story about the guy who balances things. I mean real things, not life stuff or metaphorical crap. While I was in New York (I know, get over it) Talaura, Kizz and I went to see a burlesque circus act on Broadway called Spiegelworld. Every time I go to any kind of circus show I leave convinced that I should run away and join the circus. Have you ever seen The Greatest Show On Earth? As gritty and scary as that life looked at times, I kind of wanted it. I wanted to be that girl that spun in the hoop while hanging from a strap around her neck. I still do. Spiegelworld had plenty of flipping and flying daring acts. There was one act where this guy tossed a kid around with his feet like the kid was a freakin' beach ball. I almost threw up for the kid. But my favorite act was the guy who balanced palm fronds. It doesn't sound too spectacular, but it was mesmerizing. He moved so calmly, so slow. I felt as though I barely breathed as he built this crazy mobile frond by frond. It was though I didn't breath so that he could. It's the one thing I could really hear, this deep calm even yoga breath. He literally stole my breath in order to give himself a deeper, calmer breath. Some times it seemed like he was whispering with each exhale. Whispering pleas to each frond to stay still. I was hypnotized.


He balanced the fronds one by one until he had only one large palm frond left. And he stopped. Or so it seemed. He paused to a point where it seemed like he was done. Like he felt he'd done enough even though there was one palm frond left lying there on stage.


And it was at this point you could feel the disappointment coming off the audience in waves. It didn't matter that what he'd built was already spectacular. Because we could see that there was one left. We could see it right there on the stage. Yes, it's all so amazing, but he hasn't used that last piece. And just when you thought he just wasn't going to use the last one...


He did.

Patience. Happy Love Thursday.