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Chad said that I had to visit the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. while I was in New York. Well, of course I had to visit the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Duh. Here's why everyone should visit this place. The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is a front for 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students with their creative writing skills. All the proceeds from the shop goes to support free writing and tutoring programs offered by 826NYC.

Deflector Bracelets

When you make a purchase at the store, they make a big deal of it. The item of purchase goes into a special chamber and a guy at a control booth makes you say the superhero oath to complete the transaction. The oath requires you to say your name and your superhero name. I decided that I needed to buy some deflector bracelets. Deflector bracelets can easily be camouflaged as accessories. The problem came when it was time to say the oath. I got to my superhero name and froze. I. Could. Not. Think. Of. A. Name. At one point, I turned to Talaura and said that I wasn't even sure I had a superpower. This is wrong, of course. We all have superpowers. Apparently impromptuness (totally not a word) is my Kryptonite. Not only did I not have a superhero name, I could no longer remember having at least one superpower (it's pie crust, My superpower is making awesome pie crust). You want to hear what I finally came up with? I don't really want to say because it's so terrible, it's embarrassing. I came up with Super Authenticity Girl. I know. Completely lame. Look, I have no defense other then when put on the spot, my brain gets erased.

Taking the Super Hero Vow

The truth is, I'm still trying to figure out my superhero name and my superpower. It changes on a daily basis. But I think this is true for all of us. Every day we find out we have a new kryptonite, but we also discover new superpowers and ways of dealing with that kryptonite. I'm sure, on the spot, I could tell you my friends' and family's superpowers. It's easier to see the superpowers in the ones we love.

Happy Love Thursday!