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Cindy Maddera


Wednesday evening, I heard rumbles of thunder as I parked the scooter in the garage. I had just let Hooper out, who'd been cooped up inside all day, so I hurried and closed the garage door and opened the door to the backyard just as it started to rain. I called for Hooper to hurry and get inside and we both made it to the living room just in time for the rain to stop. It had rained for a whole 10 seconds. When I took Hooper out for his front yard patrol it was still 103 outside and that brief rainfall was just enough to make it feel like a sauna. Still, I was determined to not water the garden. I was holding on to faith that it would rain. More then a small buckets worth. That faith paid off, because the real rain came to my house around 1 AM. Right now, the weather widget on my desktop shows scattered rain and a high of 78. Even though the weathermen have told us that this is a temporary cool down, I'm thankful for it. I know it's been ages since I've done a Garden Diary entry, but there hasn't been much happening with it. I did get four potatoes and some carrots and onions. Something ate all the beans off my one bean plant and I have four green tomatoes. The drought has wreaked some havoc. Last weekend, out of shear desperation to get something more from the garden, I tilled up the soil and sprinkled in a bunch of seeds. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, even a few more beans. Sprinkled for luck. I am thankful for the rain to help that luck grow.

I am thankful for this week for a number of reasons. I finally seemed to have gained control of my usual routine and I'm thankful to be acclimating back to life after vacation. I'm also thankful for the massage I've booked for myself on Saturday. Here's to a wonderful weekend for all and a very Thankful Friday!