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Cindy Maddera


The other day, Cathy made me notice all the spider webs on the window in our hallway at work and then we noticed this one spider. He was acting really weird and when we took a closer look we realized that this spider was in the process of shedding it's skin. We both stood there, horrified as we watched the spider tug and tug until its legs were free. We both squealed and squirmed as it happened. It was the most disgusting thing I've seen in a really long time, but Cathy and I watched it with a mix of fascination and disgust. As I watched the spider's legs turn from see-through clear to brown, I thought this is what my observation is for Chad. I had no idea that spiders did this, but then thinking about it I realize that I knew tarantulas did. All this time, I thought those little dried up spiders where dead ones. Turns out they were just spider shells, shed by a growing spider. It's calming and scary to think about. I am thankful for Chad's assignment because it was something I knew I had to complete. It forced me to notice even when I didn't feel like it. I even found a moment of joy on my yoga mat. I am growing and changing just like that spider. And again, it's calming and scary to think about it.

This is an odd Thankful Friday, but I'll take it. I have said grace before every evening meal this week as my constant reminder that I have things to be grateful for. It included fresh meals, scooter rides, silly dog, the two drops of rain we had this week and you. Here's to a great weekend and a very Thankful Friday.