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Cindy Maddera


I think the New York Transit Museum is one of the best kept secrets of New York. It's hidden in a old subway station off the beaten path. When we went, there was hardly anyone there and most of them were little kids. This really is a great museum to take a little one. It's full of hands on activities. You can even drive a bus!

Cindy Drives a Bus
Cindy is an angry bus driver

As you can see, I am not a good bus driver. You can also blow up a box of dynamite.

Katy Kaboom

My favorite part though was in the lower level. This area housed the old subway cars.

To All Trains

Talaura told me that every year around Christmas, they put one of these old subway cars back in service. You never know where or when it will show up and it's always a surprise. Talaura was one of the lucky ones last year. My favorite part of her story was when she talked about how people reacted. Suddenly everyone was happy and all smiles. Riding the subway is a very solitary thing. Normally, people are plugged into their own little world and space. They sit scrunched on the seat, careful to not touch the person next to them. Rarely does anyone make eye contact let alone strike up a conversation. But that day was different. Such a simple thing. I'd like to think it made everyone a little bit kinder that day.

Riding the retro train