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I don't really have an aversion to maps. I'm very good at reading them (Dad taught me well). It's just that sometimes, I don't want to bother. So many of my cool little discoveries in this town has been because I let myself get lost. Now it's probably not the safest thing to do in a big city like New York, but you're never far from a kind soul who will help you out. Every day that I left Talaura at her job and would venture out on my own, I always had pretty good idea of where I was going. For my second morning in New York, I casually strolled through Central Park to get to the Met and discovered the good places to get lost in New York.


I remember walking past the Met on my way to the Guggenheim on my last visit. I had thought briefly at the time about just hoping in for an hour or so, but became so over whelmed by the size of that museum that I cut my losses. I told myself "next time". The Met is ginormous.


But it's also the perfect place to get lost in because around every corner is a new surprise. I floated in right past the ticket line (online tickets, I can not stress this enough people) and right on up to the second floor. I don't know why I started at the top and worked my way down. I just did. I saw something on a wall about "photography" and I started there. I came out of the photography exhibit into this big hallway with rooms tucked in here and there and the first room I walked into was the Monet room. I was in the French Impressionist Section! My favorite of favorites! Monet, Van Gogh, Pissaro, Renior, Oh...the Renior's. When I came to the Degas and his little ballerina statue, I nearly came undone with want. I just wanted to touch her skirt. And this is how I spent my morning, by getting completely lost in the Met. I spent forever in a room for Asian Arts that contained a giant Buddha wall tapestry. I just sat there on bench, in the sunlight that streamed down from a skylight. It was so beautiful.


By the time I accidentally found myself at the Temple of Dendur the museum was crowded and I was starving. So, I left the museum for the park and had myself a picnic and a nap on the soft grass in the shade. I listened to the sounds of children playing in the sprinklers and watched as people rode by on bicycles or strolled by maybe walking their dog.

Morning New York

I stayed in the park for most of that afternoon before strolling down 5th Ave to meet Talaura. Looking at this day now, makes me think I didn't do all that much. There was a bit of shopping along 5th Ave. I finally purchased something from Tiffany's, a new chain to hold my rings. But really day two was all about being lost.


I recommend getting lost every once in a while. Happy Love Thursday.