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Cindy Maddera


I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. I don't know if this has anything to do with my love of water. I have always been a water baby. I did sit next to a woman on the plane to NY who was studying astrology. She said I was really in tune and that I "get it". I have no idea what she was talking about, but I'm sure the Aquarius side of me is what pulls me to the ocean. Most people don't associate New York with sandy beaches and ocean views, but just a short train ride followed by a trip on a ferry, you can easily find yourself here.


This is Fire Island. Talaura has friends who have a house in Cherry Grove (one of the most LGBT friendly summer retreats). They let us store our stuff there while we toured the island because they are wonderful and fabulous. But the first thing we did when we got off the ferry was head straight to the beach, dump our things down and jumped right on into the Atlantic.

OHMYGOD it's cold!

The Atlantic is cold. It's so cold, I witnessed two very well endowed naked men jump into the water and come out women. I dunked my body in enough to say that I'd been in the ocean and then Talaura and I had a picnic on the beach. This was my favorite day. Seriously. I could spend hours walking along the edge of the water picking up shells and rocks, digging my toes into the wet sand. I never got tired of watching baby clams scurry back to safety after being washed up by the waves. Over and over, a wave would come in and uncover their tiny shells only for them to have to dig themselves back down into the sand.

Red sand

This was the day my feet finally forgave me. And it was bliss. Happy Love Thursday.