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I'm long over due for a Garden Diary entry. I know I've mentioned drought and very little happening with the garden. This is true. There is very little happening in the garden. My potato plants died while I was in New York. Mom said that this was a sign that it was time to dig up potatoes, but she waited for me to come home. She thought I should dig up the first potato. So, we dug up my potatoes and it was like finding eggs on Easter morning. It was so exciting that I decided to dig up my carrots too and the next night I had skillet potatoes, carrots and black beans for dinner. It was delicious. Since then I've dug up all my onions and I've waited on tomatoes to turn red. In a last ditch effort to get something more from the garden, I sprinkled down some more seeds last week. I even planted more bean plants. All put into the ground with very little expectation, but lots of hope. But the raised bed does not require the constant attention that last year's garden did. Just watering and the occasional weed. So there's not much to tell and why there hasn't been an entry in some time.

Last year, Sunday mornings were reserved for weeding the old garden. This year Sunday mornings have become lazy mornings that involve homemade breakfasts and multiple cups of coffee. The work left on the chore list is laundry and by the time I'm ready for my third cup of coffee, it's time to hang that first load of clothes on the line, a task that I really have come to love. Yesterday morning, I took my basket of wet clothes, a cup of coffee and the camera outside, where there was one red tomato and beans sprouting out of the ground. And I couldn't have been more pleased with my Sunday.

Shiny Tomato