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Hello internet! Did you miss me? I've missed you. Yes...I will admit that I missed your lovely face. But a break was needed. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz. I've come back from New York with stories and pictures and souvenirs and dirty laundry because it turns out that I did indeed have eight days worth of underwear and can fit more than eight days worth of clothes in my carry-on. I am a packing pro! My first visit to New York left me speechless. It was a combination of an amazing experience at BlogHer and the wow of New York City that left without words and I had to take time to process it all in my head. Turns out, New York still has this effect on me. There's so much to tell; so many pictures to process and upload. You're going to have to be a bit patient with me. The blog wasn't the only thing to be neglected while I was away. There's a layer of dirt on everything in my house, a nice stack of bills that need to be payed, some important paper work that needs to be dealt and and and....grown up stuff. I need to start catching up in more ways than one and I'm having a really hard time quelling the panic over stuff I need to get done. Ridiculous.

One thing I did do on this trip that I really didn't do last time, was sit down and journal my day. There were a couple of days that I would miss because there just hadn't been time that day, but I always made up for it. I wanted to be sure to get things down on paper so that I wouldn't forget them. It also helped me process all the awesome things that I'd seen and done and been a part of. New York City is one hustling and bustling place. It's easy to get caught up in the swirl of people and noise. There is a sense of continuous movement. It can easily take on that cliched character of itself that is portrayed on TV. But I advise you to not be fooled. There are pockets of green space that can instantly drown out the traffic rumble. There are places of stillness that forces hushed silences at the beauty is contains and there are lessons of stillness taught by the most unusual. Sitting down to journal these moments was an act of quiet stillness in itself.

I promise there's so much more to come. In time.