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Last week I was walking on the treadmill when one of the security guards came up and said "Your dad is waiting for you in the lobby". I said "What?!? He is?!?" and jumped off the treadmill and headed to the main lobby to get him. He was on a dealership drive in my area and thought he'd surprise me for lunch and he did. I took him to a fancy fish place over in the Plaza District. I thought this was the best choice because it was close and they had fish, but dad was a little uncomfortable. He thought it might be too fancy for the likes of him. I assured him that he was just fine and they didn't really care as long as you pay the bill at the end. He relaxed and started telling his tales of drives and flea market drama. We had a nice lunch and I was thankful he had stopped by. I can always count on dad to show up when least expected. I'm thankful for his silly stories and his goofiness. I very rarely travel outside of work for lunch. I usually eat at my desk while reading some science paper or working on my next presentation. But when dad comes, I give myself a break. This has been our routine for as long as I can remember. I could be in the middle of homework or working on some stupid 4-H project and dad would come in and say "Hey! Firetrucks just went by. Let's go chase 'em" or "Hot air balloon! Let's follow it!" and off we'd go. You remember that episode of The Simpsons when Lisa gets lost going to the museum and then Homer shows up and they break into the museum to see the Isis exhibit? That episode was written about me and my dad. OK, we never broke into a museum, but it's totally the kind of thing my dad would do. He's the Homer to my Lisa.

Dad is impossible to get ahold of on a weekend. He must be at the flea market selling peanuts. Must! So I won't see my dad this Father's Day weekend, but we've made plans for a date at The Union Station. Any way, it doesn't matter what day we celebrate dad. I'm thankful for him every day.

Here's to a grand weekend (of lazy) and a very Thankful Friday!