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Cindy Maddera


Sometimes, I'll get it in my head to do a project and I will become obsessed. Take for instance last weeks gardening projects. When I decided what I wanted to do, I wanted to do it right away and then I did do it right away. Well, somewhere between my tossing and turning on Wednesday night I got it into my head to paint the bedroom. Really I have almost everything I need to decorate the bedroom. The things that are lacking is the paint and window treatments. Yes there are some other things like a new closet and shelving, but those are not necessary. If I painted the bedroom I could hang my Elephant Brass Band poster and that would be one less thing in the basement. And really, my bedroom is so small, it'll take me longer to move furniture around then it will to actually paint the walls. This is one thing I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for my little yellow house. Some people may complain about the size of my house, but I love it. Last Sunday I dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed the bathroom in one hour. My backyard project for last weekend? In my head I thought it would take me all day. I was finished before lunch. I spent the rest of the day getting a pedicure and shopping at Nordstroms (I know, but they were having a sale). I remember when I was a kid, nothing fun happened on Saturdays until the house was clean. With the size of my parents' home, that meant we had plenty of Saturdays where nothing fun happened. I felt like (still feel like it really) my mom was in constant battle with the cleanliness of that house. My house is just the right size and I'm thankful that it doesn't take over my life. Chris and I used talk about how we wanted to own a home, but not have the home own us. That's what my little yellow house is.

I'm thankful for another weekend in my little yellow house. I am thankful for restless nights that give me project ideas. I am thankful for the return to some consistency in my yoga practice and in my meditation practice. I've worked hard this week. I've worked hard at work, on my yoga mat, on my home and it's been a good week. I am thankful.

Here's to your glorious weekend and a very Thankful Friday!